ChatGPT: Training for Productivity

90,00 IVA esclusa

  • Writing basic prompts
  • Exploring top use cases
  • More advanced prompting techniques, tips & tricks
  • Incorporating your work context
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Zapier and Google Sheets
  • Using Bing Chat
  • Loading info from external websites in real time
  • … and more!


Unleash the power of ChatGPT and Bing Chat to save time and get more done. Our instructor-led ChatGPT training will get you up to speed with prompt engineering basics, tips and tricks, and even advanced techniques.

Prerequisites: You will need the Zoom software pre-installed. You do not need an existing ChatGPT account or early access to Bing Chat; we will provide that.
Audience: People who work with text: email, reports, meeting notes, marketing, content, etc.

  • Get hands-on experience with ChatGPT
  • Learn the basics of prompt engineering
  • Learn ways to increase your workplace productivity with ChatGPT
  • Experiment with Bing Chat and learn its limitations and advantages over ChatGPT
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Zapier and Google Sheet

Course Outline

Step 1

  • Background Info
    • The landscape of AI services
    • ChatGPT: a quick test drive
    • Experimentation with basic use cases: questions, content generation and summation
    • Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Basics of Prompting
    • Good versus bad prompts and how to think like a bot
    • Effectively delegating: when to talk like a lawyer, when to talk like a caveman
    • Generating content: emails, marketing copy, reports
    • Analyzing content: summarizing and simplifying long text
    • Analyzing data: formatting table data for input and what questions to ask
    • Instruction: getting ChatGPT to teach you something
  • Advanced Prompting
    • Training GPT in your bio and writing style
    • Formatting the output
    • Using examples in bullets and Q&A format
    • Letting it explain it like you’re five
    • Letting it fix your messy prompts
    • Overcoming ChatGPT limitations

Step 2

  • Prompt Engineering Tips and Tricks
    • Letting ChatGPT imagine an area of expertise
    • Exemplars: zero-shot and few-shot prompts
    • Telling it to think step by step
    • Chain of thought prompts
    • Asking for the unorthodox
    • Jailbreaking with DAN (Do Anything Now) mode
  • Downgrading to GPT-3
    • When to use it
    • Models: codex versus text
    • Temperature and other configuration knobs
  • Upgrading to Bing Chat
    • How Bing Chat is different from ChatGPT
    • Training Bing Chat on your LinkedIn profile and/or personal websites
    • Incorporating content from external URLs in your prompts
    • Overcoming Bing limitations
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Other Apps
    • Google Sheets
    • Zapier
  • Getting Yourself to Use ChatGPT More Often
    • Lowering your cognitive load when prompting: messy, misspelled, and short prompts
    • Being on the lookout for new use cases